Explore the Realtionship Between Your Body and Your Energy

Course Summary

 Use your body for self-healing through practice for self-awareness, mindfulness, connecton , self regulation, finding balance and self acceptance. Embodiment explores the relationships between your body and  divine feminine and masculine energy.

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My name is Sonya Lyn, the founder of LivingUnbrokenĀ®. I'm a breathwork and energy healing practitioner, Intervention Counselor, professional life coach, yoga teacher, and retreat leader. I am passionate about empowering you on your healing journey, creating a healthy, peaceful and soulful life. It is my mission to share this self-healing wisdom around the world, supporting you to get your power back for a life full of love. I have raised three children, a son and a daughter in the military, and a son is in college. I love trail running, hiking, traveling and practicing yoga on my front porch. I am currently writing a book and enjoy meditating on my indoor swing. I also love officiating destination and adventure weddings in the white mountains and National Parks.  Love and light, Sonya

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  • Embodiment Practice
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    Explore the Relationship with Your Physical Being and Your Energy

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